Introduction of Street-light with Solar Tracker System

Tracker Means:

“Somebody who follows a trail”. Our tracker can follow the sun (as 90 degree/real time) to get maximum sun light power from sunrise to sunset. It makes maximum electric power through solar panel.

•Die Casting : High endurance, High class device
•Design : Strong, no corrosion, anti-shock
•Special design for low power consumption
•No electric AC wire, low maintenance, no electric shock

Characteristics of Solar Tracker System

• Tracker system with solar panel can trace the sun in day time by sensor in real time.
  (For maximum power absorption)
• LED light (Low power consumption, high brightness)
• Illuminance sensored power on/off automatically
• Designed to save energy
• Easy installation, low maintenance, green environment, no electric shock


Country of Origin________________ South Korea

Solar Panel ____________________110W (Solar Tracker System)

Tracker _______________________ 460 X 280 X 460 (mm), 17Kg

Motor Driver ___________________ 10~22V, 0.8A, 1.15W/Day

Pole/Height____________________ Steel (Galvanized Hot-dip) / 6m

LED Lamp_____________________ 40W

Controller for
Overcharging/Discharging________ 12V, 20A (11.4V Stop discharging, 14.8V Stop overcharging)

Battery_______________________ 12V, 100Ah 2ea

Operating Temperature__________ -30°C ~ +80°C

Features of Solar Tracker

• Self power control
• Solar tracker system makes electric power more 230% than fixed
  type solar system due to tracing the sun all the time.
• Also, this system can be adapted to many other application system.

Different points for operation

Solar Tracker System

• The tracker with Solar Panel can tracing the Sun from sunrise to sunset as face to the Sun. the tracker system can tracing an altitude & a declination as 90 degree.

• Thus, the Tracker system can get more sun light than fixed type. (Winter time : 5.5 hours generation)

Fixed Type

• The Solar panel has to fixeddirection to proper south area. (Solar panel can get sun light only few hours in the fixed position area).

• And every season, the sun altitude is different, so, efficiency of sun light absorption is low, and not stable power charging to battery.(Winter time : 2.5 hours generation)

Comparison with Solar Tracker Type and Normal Street Lamp

Installation Cases

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